Welcome to Concierge of Greensboro

Mission Statement

At Concierge of Greensboro our mission is to add balance to your Lifestyle by providing time saving services

About Us

Concierge of Greensboro was formed as an outgrowth of Adventures and Cultures, Inc., a travel company, which was incorporated in early 2003 by Weezie Glascock and her husband Luke Glascock. Weezie has 28 years and Luke 15 years in the travel industry.

The need for concierge services has been recognized in the travel industry for many years working with hotels all over the world. The word concierge is French and means "keeper of the keys." The concierge kept the keys to the castle and attended to everyone's needs. Later the concierge concept was adopted by hotels worldwide, and now concierge companies are making services available to everyone. Today, concierge is just another word for "personal assistant."

Everyone is so busy these days trying to juggle quality family time with work, running errands, etc. that our lifestyle suffers! How often have you said: "there are not enough hours in the day?" Allow Concierge of Greensboro help put balance back into your busy life.